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June 30, 2005

Damn the man

Last week I was here writing about the baseball game that was going to be played (partly) on Xbox. I was excited about the idea, as was the team and, it seems, the fans. According to the KC Star, 6,000 tickets to the game had been sold (the team has been averaging 5,100 per game) three weeks before the event.

Unfortunately (and despite the full page ad about the game on today's Preview section), the Northern League officials decided that the team couldn't go ahead with the promotion. And yet another remarkable (and effective) idea dies on the hands of a naysayer. "What if the result of this game interferes with the standings at the end of a season," is what the league asked.

And we all know that "what if"s are little darts of idea poison.

We don't know if the Kansas City T-Bones management still expects the July 16th game to bring its largest crowd ever. Especially now that the two innings of xbox baseball that would have counted have turned into one inning to be played after the actual game is over -- an etch-a-sketch rendition of the punch the original idea carried.

Still, good try, T-Bones. All you wanted was to sell lots of tickets and have fun in the process.


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It's a way, way minor league situation. Does anyone really care if it has an effect on the standings in the end? I mean really? See, I just don't think the Northern League is about the final standings. I could be wrong, but I really think the majority of their audience goes for the fun not the competition. In this case, the joy of the experience outweighs the pride of "winning." It's a mistake not to make the most out of ideas like this. Hell, I was gonna go. Now I'm not. That's at least 3 beers they won't sell. Probably a nacho, too.

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