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June 28, 2005

iTunes 4.9 = Podcast Suppport

iTunes 4.9 came out today and the biggest news about this release is the new Podcast category, with TONS of Podcasts in their directory. You can even subscribe via iTunes, how nifty... but what does that mean for programs/sites like iPodderx? Time will tell.

In the meantime, go get the new version and check out American Copywriter!!!


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On our directory page, some of our metadata isn't being populated, even though it exists tied to each individual podcast. We're trying to get that cleared up.

Okay, we're trying something with our RSS feed -- added tons of new iTunes-specific proprietary tags... we'll see how it works. If you experience any oddities with the feed, please let us know.

I just checked out your Podcast on iTunes, and you guys got the little red EXPLICIT box. Way to go guys! This means you guys are gonna have to continue to work "Blue" if you want to keep that label.

Better safe than sorry, eh Pete?

If Tug's lips are moving, there's an f-bomb on the tip of his tongue.

Everything up to now can be considered "the early days of podcasting." Now that Apple has wrapped it into iTunes, that means it's no longer a cottage industry. As you asked earlier, will sites like Podcast Bunker and Podcast Alley who have provided the same service evolve? And what about podcasting as a whole? This pretty much forces the corporate world that the Podcast is a viable channel for distributing content. It's no longer an underground trend - it's here.

de-CAT-itation! heh. good stuff.

I just subscribed to your podcast now that iTunes supports it. I'd like to suggest that if you create a separate post here for each episode, it might invite feedback, suggestions and comments about your shows. For example, in your June 13 show I think the word "Brand" was used 926 times. Don't be afraid to use the other words that you really meant: reputation, identity, and character.

One of you said that "a Brand is a promise". How about a brand is an expectation, instead?

Nice show. I'm looking forward to the next show.

Thanks. And welcome, Sean.

We do post new show notices and welcome feedback.

And I think we're both correct on the definition of a brand. For a company (or a person) a brand is a promise (also a truly valuable asset). For a consumer, a brand is most certainly a set of expectations that the brand's promise will be fulfilled.

Hey, nice site, BTW.

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