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June 28, 2005

New Podcast on Wednesday?


Barring disaster, AC #15 will post tomorrow. We had an hour long discussion with our moles at Cannes which we've cut down to about twenty minutes. It was great to get some inside skinny on the big event. However, about half way through our chat, my mac's super drive (we hadn't used my mac before) started spinning. It caused an annoying buzz which we're going to attempt to minimize through professional equalization by our friends over at Evolution Audio. Nonetheless, I think you'll enjoy hearing it all. We'll post it as soon as Evo works their magic and we can get the file back to Sethy G.



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It's wednesday. I need positive things, I want the new AC! :)

You'll note I did say: "Barring disaster" We're working on it! The darn thing is in transit to a place that can at least minimize the stupid whir of my disk drive. We'll get it posted as soon as we can, but according to our friends at EVO that may be, um, later...

Great news.
Pam downloaded the podcasting thing onto my U2 ipod.
Now I´m gonna be able to listen to AC with my U2 ipod.
I love you guys,

Before anyone asks...we're still waiting for the file. As soon as the guys at Evo get rid of the paying customers they promise they will do their best to make the file listenable for you.

AC #15 will, without doubt, post on Friday. It's a good show for you to enjoy over the long weekend*

*If you live in the states.

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