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November 28, 2005

Apple/Lugz/Collective Unconscious?

EmYes, yes, I know... John and Tug have already tackled the whole Apple vs. Lugz commercial debate, so why do we need to comment on this more?  Simple, because I drove for 16+ hours this past weekend and had to think about things... and I came across a thought that I couldn't get out of my head about this whole ordeal.

JJ and Tug mentioned the theory of Collective Unconscious in their discussion (see Podcast #25).  The basis of this theory is that with so many people doing the same thing in the same industry for very similar products, the off-chance that two different people/groups/agencies coming up with eerily similar ideas is possible (although, not probable).  In the case of Apple vs. Lugz, I think the popular thought is that this is more in line of the Collective Subconscious – or the idea that your brain tucks away things you find interesting/unique and then those stored ideas resurface in your work at a later time, unbeknownst to you.

It would make sense in this case.  As Tug and JJ said, Apple is a massive marketing machine and they probably don't have the need to directly go and copy someone else's style.  I must agree, I don't think that Apple has consciously done this.

That's the conclusion I came to... and then I started to think about it again.  There's no way that Apple would rip off Lugz, I still believe that.  But what if, just what if, Lugz and Apple had teamed up for a little media blitz for both companies?  Interesting thought.  Think about it for a second.

I'm not a very knowledgeable speaker on the Lugz brand, but I can only imagine that they're not the biggest player in the shoe field.  And looking at their web site, it appears that they're marketing with some real street cred.  Okay, so?

IpodmixerThen take Apple, hooking up with Eminem, maybe trying to reach out to a very similar demographic.  If you want to reach more, let's also throw in the notion that someday very soon, DJs will be able to get rid of their record collections and start mixing with their iPods.  That's quite the reach, eh?  Fine, let's couple that idea with the year-old rumor that Apple will eventually be releasing a FireWire audio interface for GarageBand.  Could that eventually become something that a DJ would use?  Hmmmm.  And speaking of DJs, go play with the Lugz DJ Mixer.

It's really not that big of a reach, kids. If Apple needs help breaking into a particular market, why wouldn't they pair up with a reputable brand in that very market?  Apple gets media coverage when they release a new and nicely styled commercial   Then Lugz gets media coverage when they issue the cease and desist to Apple.  The whole issue gets talked about on many different mediums.  All the while, Apple's reputation isn't harmed and nor is Lugz's.  Free media placement?

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?


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