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March 06, 2006

M. Night: The Brand.

Two things.

Thing one: I loved the My Life My Card execution with M. Night. It's a two minute spectacular. If you missed it, catch it here. This campaign is beginning to impress me. Yeah, I know it's borrowed interest. But it makes me feel better about paying my AMEX dues.

Thing two: Talk about a brand. M. Night is one of the biggest brands in Hollywood, and a great example of positioning. Do one thing, and be great at it (hey, I liked The Villiage). Seriously, though. The guy has found a niche and he's milking it for all it's worth. He's not trying to be everything to everybody. Go M. go!


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Thanks, thats an awesome spot. You just keep watching to see whats gonna happen.

I'm still on the fence with M. Night, as one of my quotes from the Oscar Party last night will attest: "So is the ending of this commercial going to suck, too?"

I’m a fan since his first film, but I think with The Village, he let down the people expecting a REALLY freaky ending. I think the pressure’s on him to get back to those roots more and really deliver on the next one.

We can all agree that The Village was unsuccessful at the end. So, it's not a great movie. But I still can't help liking it. But I also like Roadhouse and Total Recall. In the case of The Village my "like" stems from those creepy ass "creature" costumes that gave me genuine heebie jeebies (something most horror/suspense films don't do). That and I want to live in a national park, too.

ac - yah. I'd still give it a thumbs up just 'cause I like all his stuff, but marginally over something most might say is nitpicking but kinda ruined it for me: the movie jumped the minute you saw the tall figure at the door early on.

I wanted it to be drawn further out before we knew what they were. The sounds of the creature alone without actually seeing it would’ve been enough to maintain the creep factor. There was the scene where Phoenix was on the porch at night in the fog. I keep expecting one of the damn things to appear in the distance.

The two standout things in the movie for me were actually the cool premise and the first-time acting of Ron Howard's daughter.

Don't forget the wonderful ending of Signs... let's invade a planet that's 70+% water! Oh wait, we forgot, we're allergic!!!

Have you seen Grant McCracken's comments about this spot? I almost wept. Go read it and see if you've ever heard any creative person so skillfully champion brilliant work.


Irene: thanks for the tip. Boy. I am not as smart at GM.

First, you're welcome. Second: yes, you are. After all, he doesn't have a world-famous podcast now does he?

The only interesting branding lesson would be to learn how hacks like M.N.S., Shane Black, etc. parlay moderate skills into a big name and money.

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