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August 23, 2006

Agency dog? Nah. Agency Bat.

Img_0838 Img_0825 Img_0840

We came in from lunch and heard the screams. They weren't exactly horrific. Still, we could tell something was afoot. As we arrived on the second floor of the agency the issue became very clear. A bat was swooping in and around workstations. People were literally diving to the ground to avoid the flying mammal. I was raised in a desolate place where you come to know the habits of creatures like this. Bats out in the daytime aren't right in the head. So, I kept my distance. Everyone else's curiosity could not be contained. I will say it's amusing to hear your male co-workers squeal. In the end, a humane capture was made. In today's paper was this headline: Rabies Alert: Diseased Bats Found.

The story doesn't mention our cute 'lil "Foamy." Still, I'm keeping my eyes on the Brazilian Art Director today. He was the one closest to the little bugger.


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Creepy to look up and see it, but having an agency bat is still pretty cool though.

I freelanced once at a place that had agency squirrels in the attic. I mean like, HGH-built squirrels.

I hit the damn thing with a crutch!!!

Was the humane capture facilitated by the Bluetooth earpiece? Did they call the bat's cell and talk him down? Did it involved promises of a QuickStop soda? I need details here.

Yes, the bluetooth was used to wirelessly confuse the bat's echolocation system. Befuddled, he simply fell into the waiting QT cup.

Good eyes Irene.

On another note, think about that job. There is something to be said for a profession with wholly objective outcomes.

"Hey Jim...did you catch that bat?"


Hey, someone has to be there shooting when you need pictures for the blog.

And by the way, that W stands for "Ali Mahaffy is a wuss."

Can't wait until google catches that.

What is it with all of these bats in our belove KC? I live in west plaza and I see plenty. It's ridiculous. I feel like I'm in the bat cave.

I'm tired of these motherf*in' bats in this motherf*in agency!

Quick, somebody make a parody for YouTube.

I was looking for a bat image and came across this blog. Too bad you guys had such a great time tormenting this bat. Most bats that end up in a building get there because they chased a bug inside and got caught--not because they're "not right in the head." and the idiot that hit it with a crutch deserves a smack in the head (with a crutch would be best).

Have a little respect for the wildlife that was there long before you and your building. And do a little reading about bats. They're the most beneficial species on the planet.

Debbie Cottrell DVM

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