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September 12, 2006

AC #45 now available.

The Football & Philosphy Edition:

John and Tug meet on a Saturday afternoon in a noisy joint to watch football and talk ads. A new spot for DirecTV sparks a discussion regarding the relationship between Tolkien and Lewis (2:36) and, inevitably, Joseph Campbell and the Cosmogonic Cycle (9:13). After the break, the guys jump into a discussion of the NFL as a mega super brand (11:02). John finishes up the podcast at home by directing listeners to this intriguing post by Ernie Schenck, and encouraging listeners to send in audio comments about their own experiences (16:49). Not link-loved out, JJ rounds out the show by passing on this great bit of advice from Mack Simpson (20:30).

Sound mildly interesting? Listen to it now and find out.


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Thanks for the plug, guys. Another great podcast and, uh, I'm not just saying that because, uh, well, you know.

What's your theme music?

Glad to see the Joseph Campbell love is spreading! I did a lot of research as an undergrad into Myth and Story and Shakespeare, and although I'm still struggling to work it into my day-by-day, its good to see we are raising the intellectual index of the podcast world.

Not much of a football fan myself, but I totally agree that this nation is a slave to it and the business world now seems to follow a pre, regular, post, and off-season. Which is odd.

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