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October 03, 2006

AC #46 Now Available.


The Russell Davies and David Nottoli Edition.

With Tug on vacation, John sits down with a couple of rather successful planners by the names of Russell Davies and David Nottoli. Two of the four people who make up the Open Intelligence Agency.

From the outset, the conversation leans heavily into the relationship between creatives and planners (2:32). This leads to discussions of boring creative directors (2:56), the blurry future of planners' and creatives' intertwined fates (5:38), and the vs. syndrome (8:11). Taking advantage of this whole social media thing, Russell and David address an audio comment from Make the Logo Bigger's Bill G (9:48). The answers lead to more interesting stuff such as how the planner/creative relationship works at W+K London, why planners should be a fan of creative (12:23), why other agency disciplines should keep in mind how hard creative rejection can be on the soul (13:20), and what one the founder's of the other agency with a sheep in the logo had to say about the role of planning (17:40). There's also discussion of creative credit as currency (18:50) and the importance of celebrating our successes (20:03). Finally, Russell and David break out their crystal balls to answer an AC reader's query about the future of the ultimate business (21:46). Interesting theories abound (23:42) and David testifies (25:12).

All that and an R2D2 ringtone. For free.

Give a listen won't you?

Then be part of the show. Send us your thoughts or, better yet, leave us an audio comment.



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Great session John. I think my new mantra will be ‘Just too late creativity’ from now on.

Yet another keeper (I mean literally--dragged out of ITunes, stored in a folder and fed out to students when appropriate). I regularly show Davies's YouTube clips to my classes to give them a sense of what account planning might look like. Great show.

Loved it, fantastic. I think my personal ambition is to be able to work like a director

Cheeky Brits and their mixed up spellings of words such as "centre"

That is how you spell centre

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