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February 21, 2007

Second Life is So 2006

What's your Second Life name? How many hours have you logged? How many islands have you been to? How many stores have you shopped at? How many political speeches have you heard? How many musical shows have you attended?

Shs_googleearthNever mind, I don't really care that much. I say why run around in a made up virtual world, when you can start to experience your own real world, albeit virtually? That's why we at Sullivan Higdon & Sink say Second Life is so 2006.

Back in April of '06, Google released their free 3D modeling tool called SketchUp (there's also a Pro version, too, but that costs money). When SketchUp went gold, Google also opened up their 3D Wharehouse -- a place where users can share their 3D creations made with SketchUp. Not only that, but Google also released the 3D Warehouse Network Link (read more about the Network Link), which allows users to see placed models of real buildings inside of Google Earth. Remember those ugly gray box buildings? Well, if there's a shared model that can replace said ugliness, it'll show up in Google Earth. And the best of all, with the release of Google Earth 4, some of these placed models show up automatically in some cities.

That's why we went ahead and made a virtual model of the Kansas City office of Sullivan Higdon & Sink (yes, we took the liberty of putting a huge sheep head on the roof, but everything else is anatomically correct). Currently, you can only see it inside of Google Earth if you download the KMZ file or use the 3D Warehouse Network Link.

Second Life? Pssshaw. Welcome to 2007.


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I fear we're on the same wavelength -- our media buyer and I were just talking about this exact thing -- about how Second Life, regardless of how much Jaffe loves it, jumped the shark long ago.

For me, it jumped the shark when, after a night of bar hopping, I logged onto the computer, signed up, and realized what Second Life truly was -- a very slow, very jagged, giant animated chat room.

I logged off and played Age of Empires instead.

There are others that agree that Second Life may be on it's way out. Check out this pondering post from psfk:



Wait, it's an unreliable service? Scoot must love it! "It's as accurate as a real grocery store!". Mmhmm, with RPG nerds and all.

I've been to the local ad club and they have had speakers talking about Second Life and how it will be, "the new direction of advertising" and other bull. It's cool that companies like Pontiac or American Apparel have a presence on the game but it's so much easier shopping online where you can see actual pictures of the product, no 3D representations.

It's actually funny to think about, people buy and sell real estate in the game. In a virtual world, can't you just make your own land, so why pay somebody for it? It's ridiculous.

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