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June 12, 2007

Will the Research Prove Relevance?

RelevanceIn the industry, we talk a lot about reach vs. relevancy and how the average consumer is bombarded with too many ads in a given day. That's why we're seeing a LOT more ads tailored to specific audiences within niche mediums – hit them where it's relevant.

 On my usual walking route to work, I pass by an ad that I've always wanted to talk about. Today, I finally took my camera phone out of my pocket and snapped a photo of the ad.

It's an awareness ad for Bipolar Disease. On a pay phone.

A Bipolar Disease awareness ad. On a pay phone.

I, personally, haven't done enough any research to know if the Bipolar audience are regular users of pay phones, but I'm guessing that they're not. I'm also going to guess that the Bipolar audience doesn't hang out much at Town Topic on Baltimore Ave in Kansas City. Again, I could be wrong. I'll need an Account Planner to do some analysis and get back to me. Anyone want to volunteer?

My thought, if one REALLY wanted the ad to be relevant, would be to have Boost Mobile on the side of the pay phone. But what pay phone company is going to allow that?


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Seth, as your friendly, neighborhood planner, I did some research on the topic for you. I think it might be a bit more relevant than you think. One of the symptoms of this disorder is paranoia. So when someone's suffering, maybe they think their phones are all being tapped, and that "they" are listening. So, they very well might be looking for a "safe" land line.

So, paranoia=pay phone=relevance. Brilliant, in my opinion.

Have you seen the regulars at Town Topic? I love the burgers (and miss them so), but much of the clientele could use a little chemical balancing. Of the prescribed kind, that is.

As for the bipolar thing, I would’ve placed different ads for the same drug on each side.


But talking about being bombarded, half the ad is mandatory legalese.

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