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December 17, 2007

We drank a toast to innocence. We drank a toast to now. And tried to look beyond the emptiness. But neither one knew how.


Dan Fogelberg died this weekend of prostate cancer. He was just 56 and was diagnosed only three years ago. Yikes. Yes I realize it was the 70s. Yes it rings a little cheesy. Yes he was saddled with the label of being one of these so-called "sensitive singer-songwriters." But I'm telling you today, still to this very moment of my quite cynical life, I cannot hear "Leader of the Band" without shedding a tear.

Another old lang syne indeed.


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When I saw the news I kinda felt the same way. I remember back in 1980 having a big dinner with a bunch of friends, and "Twin Sons of Different Mothers" was on the turntable. It was an album Dan Fogelberg did with fluitist Tim Weisberg. Very 70's, kinda corny, but every time I hear anything off of that album it makes me a little misty. But in a really good way. R.I.P. Dan Fogelberg.

He played in Peoria. I copied his music from a sister's LP to an empty cassette before I moved out of the country. The old days of music innocence and sharing.

Fogelberg got a lot of flack for being a smultzy baladeer, but he was an incredible songwriter and lead guitar player.

A learned to play and write songs thanks to Dan. Fellow Wichita native Joe Walsh produced his best Album Souvenir.

The Leader of the Band has died.

We'll miss you, Dan!

I grew up in the school and community music programs in and around Peoria. Dan and his dad were local musical heros there. Hearing the news of Dan's death, I feel like I lost a cousin.

I saw him in concert in St. Louis while I was in college, doing an all-acoustic show. Good stuff.

On one of his later, albeit weaker albums, he sang a song called "Forefathers" and it talked about the marching of time.

I'm reminded of the refrain now.

And all of us, from dust to dust, we all become forefathers by and by.

I remember listening to Twin Sons of Different Mothers while laying on the floor of my very first apartment.

I had just moved in. I was living alone (after growing up in a house full of seven) and was loving my independence.

Every time I hear any song from that album it makes me smile.

Dan - you will be missed.

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