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February 24, 2008

And the Oscar for Best Ad on the Oscars goes to...

Walkhardoscarad Tonight, is a big, big night for brands.  Star brands, studio brands and marketer brands all mix on the red carpet. We can count on the Nicholson brand doing well tonight. It's a tradition to cut to him grinning in the audience. His smile is as iconic as the Clydesdales. But what about the marketers that are making their big bet with this event instead of the hyper-hyped Super Bowl?  Follow a live chat with the pundits on Adfreak's new OscarFreak. If you are so moved, leave your opinions on the winners and losers here or as an audio comment. We'll update this post with our own opinion in the morning. In the meantime, we already know what Judd Apatow thinks of the whole thing.

UPDATE: I'll be honest, Sunday night laundry made me miss a lot of the spots. The one I caught that I found really intriguing was MasterCard "searching eye." It's paid off online here.


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Loved the Master Card spot with the "curious eye". Probably would've served a research company or search engine better, though. I didn't see the link with Master Card.

The MasterCard spot was nice. I was disappointed that the television commercial's concept wasn't transferred into the online space. The interactive idea is nice and engaging, but the visual interest level isn't nearly as high as in the spot.

Audi had some nice spots. But as a whole the commercials seemed rather lame compared to years past. Which is disappointing because I have long felt that this was the new Super Bowl for creative advertising.

Overall the night was highly disappointing from a production standpoint. Maybe it was all the question marks leading up to the event, but let's hope the show doesn't suck as much in coming years and that advertisers will feel confident about its popularity/validity as a place to showcase major creative.

I think they need to focus on the event as much as anything to make the commercials appear more exciting than they were. Instead, all we got was the same "WHO ARE YOU WEARING?” bs before the show, stale Jack Nicholson jokes, bad dance routines and HORRIBLE, lifeless delivery of post-strike not ready for prime time writing.

Next year, let’s just hoist Jack’s chair to the rafters like a retired Jersey and stream the show live from his place 'cuz it had to be a lot more fun over there than what I saw last night.

Oh, and JC Penny totally ruined the new Robert Plant/Alison Krauss duet with their lifestyle b-roll spot that’s been done to death. JC Penny trying to be all fashion? (Didn’t we see this disaster already when Wal-Mart tried to become Target last year?)

Can't agree more about the Alison Krauss & Robert Plant song. Raising Sand is an amazing album, and whoever made that campaign probably loves that album as well. If they really loved it, however, they would have thought twice about using it with a creative idea that was far from the uniqueness and originality of the Krauss/Plant collaboration.

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