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August 10, 2008

More proof that creative matters.


In this ROI-conscious world there are many who will tell you that it is easier, smarter and safer to focus only on function. Function, after all, is the point. Form is for sissies who only care about "winning awards." Form is fuzzy and full of risk. Form is a concern for artists not coldly efficient business people. Save this photo to remind those people (and yourself) that the right form multiplies function. The right form makes function transcendent. The right form reaches out and changes the opinion of the whole, wide world.


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Couldn't have said it any better myself. The Blue Cube where the hold the swimming is even better I think.

Helps when you have a totally autocratic client, too. No democratic processes to water down the work...

Gee guys, it looks really great! We just want to make a few minor changes...

1. We feel that there's a little too much light spill. The stadium screams "light pollution," so let's cut the windows by 90%, m'kay.

2. I don't know if you guys noticed, but there's a hole in the roof. We're gonna need to patch that up. The energy costs to open and close the roof are going to be way too high. Remember - think GREEN.

3. I see where you were going with the squiggly lines, but we live in a triangular world, gentlemen. Let's try something more geometrical.

4. We've mulled this over, and we're not really feeling the bean shape. If sponsors are going to have room to hang their banners off the side, we're going to need some flat edges. We're thinking --- a simple oval.

5. Don't forget --- we need to put a giant red star somewhere.

I really like where you guys are going with this. I'll expect to see your revisions by morning.

K, thanks.

Yeah right... And this stadium will make me look in a different way at an obsolete political regime?

I dunno tp. How many times have we heard that this century will belong to the Chinese? As an example of what the Chinese can achieve when they get out of their own way...yeah, maybe. Continued human rights violations as well as social and environmental issues (even censorship at the games) demonstrate the obsolete political regime is alive and kicking. But, just like a nest, there is promise.

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