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August 11, 2008

Our favorite spot of the Olympics so far.

Great art direction. Great concept. Oh, and great sell for Coke, too.


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As a basketball fan, I can't f'n stand it.

Chris: First, don't ever use F'n when you can use fucking. Which you can on this blog :) Second: What are we missing?

Terribly sorry. I fucking hate this commercial because:

1. LeBron picks a cowboy and Yao gets to pick a dragon! That's not fair. If I were LeBron, I would pick Michael Jordan next, followed by the aliens from Space Jam.

2. They don't end up doing anything. All this awesome visual stuff and never a basketball appears. I'd probably love this commercial to see LeBron dunk on a dragon, or a bald eagle swat a Yao Ming hookshot. Drink a coke and smile when it's all said and done, but not immediately after you've finished picking teams.

3. The cartoons appear more lifelike than the real people! You'd think they were robots at the end.

4. I guess they're just in it for the money. Yao has brought the NBA to China (or at least given China a face in the NBA) and LeBron is learning Mandarin, trying to break into China. I'd probably enjoy this spot more if they were playing for ten dump trucks full of money. At least it would be honest.

And I know I'm going to see it a billion times over the next few weeks, so I might as well just try to enjoy it.

The McDonald's kids winners and losers spot has this, and Nike, beat by a mile.

Here it is: "Victory"


DDB Chicago

yeah, just saw it last night. Great.

Notice even animated LBJ wears Nike gear.

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