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February 12, 2009

We love the WTF blanket.



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THANK you so much for posting that. I doubt I'd have seen it otherwise. Now I have tears in my eyes.

Funny how I don't mind saying I have tears in my eyes when it's related to some funny shit.

When it's a sad sad story it's usually because of some dust or an allergy.

Awesome. If you enjoyed that this one should tickle your funny bone as well:


When watching the original commercial on TV my 12 year old daughter blurts out, "That's just a robe that you put on backwards?!"

I have NEVER been so proud.

Love this parody. I have somehow missed the actual commercial, although I have heard about the blanket.
Cant wait.

Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV Show

I've had many conversations mocking the Snuggie, but they always seem to end with the fact that no matter how stupid it is, the people selling it have made a truckload of money.

If that's not a WTF moment, I don't know what is.

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