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February 16, 2009

When Collapsing Ads Goes Bad

Picture 1 If you're not a big sports fan, and/or don't visit sports news web sites that often, ESPN.go.com (why do they still use that url anyway?) recently underwent an overhaul. They did quite a bit of re-vamping to the site to accommodate more imagery, video and columns. The changes, in my opinion, are nice and do a good job of showcasing the news they want to highlight.

As someone that has worked on extensive web redesigns in the past, I know that when you're re-tooling a site that contains more than content, like advertising, you're planning for a LOT more than just your own infrastructure. It appears that ESPN did that, to some degree.

The homepage now features an area where an expandable flash ad can be placed almost seamlessly with the page design. To further that notion, ESPN has also included users the ability to expand/collapse the ad before it plays through and collapses on its own. The problem is that ESPN either didn't give the advertiser, Sprint, the banner specs -- or Sprint didn't abide by them. Because I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want my company's logo covered up for whatever price I'm paying to be on ESPN's web site.

Has anyone encountered something like this with their banner advertising and was it fixed in your favor?


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