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September 10, 2009

How a lost backpack found Southwest a lot more loyal customers.

Robert Bishop, one of the esteemed CWs here at Callahan Creek, found this story and sent it to me. Here is what he said:

"Once upon a time before I even turned 10, I lost a sweet stack of comic books at a hotel while I was on a road trip with my mom. To this day I remember what a downer that was.

So I found this story very cool.

Think I’ll be flying Southwest from now on. A Lost & Found Detective -- what an awesome way to reinforce your brand."

I agree, thanks Robert. Also, check out his awesome Lunch Blog.


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And fantastic stories like that are great ways to help overshadow Southwest's greedy, crappy changes like the new $10 each way extra fee you can pay to get priority seating, while still maintaining the A/B/C cattle lines.

It is a charming story. I've NEVER seen so much personal interest come from a corporation that big. Louis Begin gives that corporation a very good name. Good post

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