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December 23, 2009

"Cold Mountain" is Not a Christmas Song


A few years ago my brother Brad used to be in a band called The Grand Fiasco. (Great name, I know.) They catered to the local jamband fans and played a lot of shows in KC and a couple out of town, too. He plays bass, guitar and pretty much anything else he wants to try -- the jerk. Anyway, he wrote a song called "Cold Mountain" that everybody really dug.

And while it's not a Christmas song, the following sentiment makes me feel really good.

"So what if there are times when we’re left to wonder
If we’ve been out here for too long
And all these influences we’re under
Up on cold mountain they’re playin’ our song
Up on cold mountain they’re playin’ our song"

Here's the track. And here's why I think it's relevant today.

I think the first couple lines capture how many of us in our industry feel about being caught between clients and brands and agencies and departments. It captures how we feel when we create work we're not especially proud of and then see other agencies' work that we are so, so jealous of.

But when you get to the last line, we end on an upnote. To me it says that, at the end of the day, we work in a pretty fucking sweet industry that pays us well, lets us use our creative brains, lets us wear pretty much what we want and, for the most part, champions our odd behavior and strange habits.

To me, at least, it seems that up on cold mountain, they are – in fact – playing our song.

Happy Holidays everybody. See you in 2010.


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Thank you Tug. That image of the rocky mountains is amazing! You are surely going to have a great holiday! Wish you very Merry Christmas and rocking holidays!

Total cheesedick stuff. Ah, kidding. Happy Holidays my friend!

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