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March 24, 2010

What Alex Chilton can teach us.


I've been trying to cobble together my thoughts on the recent passing of Alex Chilton for a couple of days now. Fortunately, my friend Pete from T2 beat me to it. So instead of recapping, I will instead pay homage. Nice job Pete. Here's a snippet:

Here are five things I’ve learned from Alex and his music

1. Get an early start and master your craft.

Alex was a rock star when he was 16 years old. He sang for (the late 60’s equivalent of the Jonas Brothers). But by the time he grew tired of the bubblegum circuit, he was a seasoned veteran. The lesson is you can hone your craft even while you’re working for the man.

Want the other four? (And believe me, you do.) Go here.


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Tug and John, I'm graduating soon and I'll be trying to get advertising work in Denver, so let me flex my copywriting muscles on this comment board: your podcast is the fucking tits. It's definitely one of the most insightful resources I've discovered. I think your listenership would be bigger than Shaq's penis if you recorded them more often. Even if you two just talk over the phone for a half hour, one podcast every two weeks doesn't seem that bad, right? Consider it sirs, and you should also consider drinking some good craft beer during your Bud Light salute--maybe like a Dogfish Head salute. Unless BL is a client, then I understand. Cheers.

I like that you think. Thank you for share very much.

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