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April 27, 2005

Hold This

If you know me, it's no secret that I'm a neat-freak. Aside from my desk, closet and kitchen counter, my space(s) are usually pretty well organized and clean. It seemed like such a natural fit for a person like me to be interested in a company such as Hold Everything.

Like every other company out there, you can sign up to receive emails, announcments and newsletters... it's the company's way of saying, "hey, don't forget, we've got more crap for you to buy, and here it is if you haven't seen it, yet."

All of the major companies do this, it's nothing new. But, an email that I received today from Hold Everything changes that notion. Not only were they informing me on items they have for sale, but they were giving me tips about items that I need to keep on file (taxes, passports, etc.), things I need to temporarily keep (bill stubs, atm receipts, etc.) and items I can throw away (old magazines, expired coupons, etc.). So, they educated me on what to keep and then informed me that the have the perfect thing to store that junk in.

That's good stuff. Even though I didn't buy it, I'm keeping the email and checking it every so often to make sure I'm not holding onto things that aren't necessary. And everytime I do, there's the big Hold Everything logo to remind me who helped me out.


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