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April 28, 2005

Inside the Helmet

Yes, yes, Tug and John have indeed been on a Star Wars kick lately... but this just had to be shared. In true 2000's pop culture form, the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader, now has a blog. Take a few minutes to read this stuff, it's hilarious. Also, post a comment about a problem you're having and check the next day to see what D. Vader says you should do. I wonder if Lucas is figuring out a way to say this was another one of his good ideas. [Side note: man, those Google Ads are pretty darn good.]


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Echoing AC#9 & 9A-- an excellent write up on George Lucas and his utter lack of directorial skills.

An excerpt on Yoda's fight scene in EPII:

Instead I get a methed-out cricket with a glow stick. Boing, boing, screaming, yelling, boing boing, and then, he can't even kick Dooku's ass while holding up a building. I guess he can only do that on Dagobah. What a pile of crap.

One more, then I'm done...

An even snarkier write up on the hype and aftermath of the new (or is that old?) Star Wars flicks:

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