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May 02, 2005

"As the body grows bigger, the mind must flower!"

"It's great to learn, 'cause knowledge is power!"

So, the official Schoolhouse Rock Web site is a little unfortunate (we need to band together and help them create something tastier than this). Still, we thought it might be fun to peruse this while you take in our verbal stylings in American Copywriter #10.

Wow. 10 shows already. Interestingly, there is NOT a Multiplication Rock song about the number 10. There's "Naughty Number Nine" and "The Good Eleven" but nothing about 10. I hope that's not bad kharma.

The show should be available by the middlish of Tuesday afternoon.


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Okay. It's Tuesday 13:21 and you are still teasing?

Okay. Probably early morning at your site...

Sorry, Nicole. We meant Tuesday afternoon in terms of U.S. Central Standard Time. We do love our international listeners!


Really. Didn't think of that. *g*

okay guys. where is the file?

AC #10 now available for your listening pleasure.

Okay. After listening to it, I still have no real idea what ASR is about. Next time, please take shortly the time to at least explain what this is. :(

That's good feedback Nicole. It's such an icon here that we didn't think even think about backgrounding it. Of course, after the show had posted I was singing all the songs in a meeting and some of the younger staffers around here seemed to have no idea what it was that I was doing either. So you're not alone in your confusion.

School House Rock was a three minute cartoon shown on American TV from 1973 thru the early 80's. It used music to reach kids about some basic educational topics (as we say here readin', writin' and 'rithmatic).

For more, visit the links we have in the post or Google the topic.

Hope that helps!

You could have included the wikipedia also ;)

No, I really loved it and would like to hear more of those stuff - especially things which refer to your kind of culture - but please, give the management summary at the beginning ;))

it does not have to be much and I see the problem in it (which to explain and which not, where to start) but if you know it is really basically to the US, a hint or two might help ;)

As for the upcoming launch of the international sushiradio, I was thinking if this might be a clever idea to make kid friendly sushis also. :)

You guys spoke of serendipity - well, that's what ACW #10 was for me.
I just got the dvd of SHR last Thursday. And to answer your question - it is still relevant. My kids (5 & 6) love it, and after only watching parts of 2-3 times are already singing it in the car. So I was actually on amazon looking for the cds earlier yesterday morning. I sadly discovered that the complete boxed set is out of print.

My overall favorite was "Verb," he was one bad mofo. "I'm just a bill" was also a favorite of mine. For that matter, I really dug all of America Rock - it was the Bicentennial and I was a 8 year old history geek (I was Paul Revere for Halloween.) I can recite the Preamble, and my understanding of grammar comes from SHR, not the KCMO public school system. SHR is probably the penultimate pro-bono campaign. Not only is it the coolest, but the most effective, enduring, impactful and memorable campaign ever done.

One correction, ToonDisney does currently run SHR occasionally between shows. My kids had seen a few of them before, but they don't run them enough.

Ok, one of my favorite album purchases ever was Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks. Evan Dando singing My Hero, Zero. Blind Melon performing Three, Is A Magic Number. Love it!

One thing that was cool about living on a military base overseas was that we had our own military television stations. AFN (Armed Forces Network). And, of course, there were no commercials. Instead it was all public service announcements, military propaganda, and my favorite, Schoolhouse Rocks! It was on every afternoon right after Oprah and right before 7th Heaven. Not that I was watching those shows in the afternoon, of course.

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