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July 27, 2005

"Hey, what's that letter from CA?"


It's always nice to find a missve from Communication Arts in your mailbox. Yesterday, Joe (my boss),  called to let us know that some bottles Sullivan Higdon & Sink created for The Shatto Milk Company have been selected for CA's 2005 Design Annual. As Joe said, "This is on the list of things that don't suck."

And lest you think that highly prestigious awards are all we care about let me say this: Demand for this product wholly outstrips supply (despite large additions to the Shatto family herd of dairy cows) and people have taken to collecting the bottles. Each time someone decides to keep a bottle instead of return in, the deposit stays in the pocket of the Shatto family who literally bet the farm (a real, non-corporate family farm) on the success of this brand. This is also on the list of things that don't suck.

What you see here are two in a series of bottles we created for the company. Each bottle tells one more piece of the Shatto Milk Company story. They look kick ass lined up on the shelves of the dairy case.

In the movie, She's Having a Baby (1988) Dennis Dugan's character tells Kevin Bacon that he hopes to do one thing a year he is proud of. Well, all right, I'm having a better year than that, but I surely am proud of these.

The minute Paul Diamond presented the inital package design, I had a good feeling about these. I don't think we made a single change to his initial concept layout. Click on the images and read the tasty copy provided by Laura Crawford Piper. Great job Laura and Paul. And the next time you're in Kansas City area, buy Shatto Milk. It's American Copywriter (and CA) approved.


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so you hate sheep and love cows?


good job to those involved.

Congrats on CA.
Even more congrats on just doing good work that the client liked enough to buy it, and the general public appreciate enough to keep it - that's a testament to good work.
That's why we started doing this back when we weighed a lot less, and had more hair.


What can we say? Not all farm animals are created equal.

Sweet.... I didn't realize you guys were responsible for these. I've had one of the small bottles sitting on my desk for the past six months.

I don't even drink milk, but I had to get me one of those bottles... so I guess your scheme works!



Those bottles are gorgeous. And packaging copy that's actually rewarding to read? You guys are good. Congratulations.

I wish Paul hadn't made these... now the glory will go to his head. He's gonna treat me like crap! Great.

Congrats on the CA. It counts if you're the creative director and don't let anyone tell ya different.

We gotta stick together, brother.

P.S. Love the show. (Look, a completely positive email about advertising. A first.)

Vinny Minchillo
Creative Director
The Wolf Agency
Dallas, Texas

Thanks all for the nice words. Much appreciated.

(And Vinny...thanks for the support!)

Nice job! I love the voice of the copy. It's friendly, approachable, simple, and no nonsense-which would seem to fit well with the product attributes too. It's refreshing to see someone take an everyday product and turn packaging design into a branding opportunity. Actually one would hope that every communication point with the audience is a brand opportunity, but it just seems that some miss certain opportunities like this. In a busy dairy section, I'll bet the simple clean layout, the fun copy, and the old school containers really pop off the shelf. Yay!

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