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August 17, 2005

Get off Napoleon! Make yourself a dang commercial!

If you liked Napoleon Dynamite -- and chances are you did -- then you are sure to love his foray into the world of advertising. Witness his awesome skills (along with best friend Pedro) in this series of ads for the Utah State Fair.

There are three sweet TV spots -- you'll need RealPlayer to view them -- STUPID! But you can listen to any of the five delicious radio spots in QuickTime. YESSS! Here's the link Napoleon-ites. Click it and look on the left down toward the bottom. Napoleon Dynamite's Sweet Ads


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OK, how big of a budget does the Utah State Fair have to play with? I'm sure those guys weren't cheap. Plus, they had to pay an agency piles of money to help get those spots made. They are awesome spots though.

I guess that explains why Carrot Top is a headliner on Sept 13 and why it will cost you $32 to see Hoobastank.

wonder if it actually has something to do with the mormon connection - as suppose to $$$?

Flippin genius PR for them though. the Utah State Fair!


or maybe because preston idaho is close to utah... DOH.

The place where I work, B/O/W/G (Salt Lake City), made these spots. One of our account supervisors is the uncle of the film's director--so that's how it got did. Nobody made any money--couple G for the actors is all. Most of the crew donated time. Even 35mm stock was free. All involved wished only to bask in the heavenly glow of ND.

Happy if you like them, sorry if you don't.

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