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November 18, 2005

AC #26 Now Available

A podcast John hates because Tug is not in it.

A long-winded ramble that concerns how podcasters and bloggers get paid (5:48), the danger of PR
stunts (10:06), Delicious Bud Light spots (17:17), out-of-touch beer
drinking (21:00), sappy holiday advertising (23:45) and Mr. Joe Jaffe

No podcast will be produced next week. Go enjoy your turkeys and your stuffing and your pumpkin pie. Safe travels to those who will brave the Thanksgiving roads.


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I find myself laughing at the bud light spots as well, john. and damnit, bud hits the nail on the head everytime. their damn formula works.
2 parts dude humor + 1 part popular culture+ 1 minority +1 part beer=bud light commercial

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