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November 14, 2005

Jaffe is looking for some love

Joe Jaffe of Jaffe Juice mentioned us in a post about "Using new marketing to prove new marketing." Basically Joe offered to send a free copy of his new book to bloggers and podcasters who'd be willing to read it and honestly review it.

It's a good idea. Similar to what the folks at ihaveanidea did for Pick Me.

And we're willing to play. Mainly because I'm interested in learning about the results.

The advertising blogging and podcasting universe is still pretty small. We get a several e-mails a week requesting that we "cover" this or that. Usually these emails are blanket affairs that are copied to our friends at Adrants and AdPulp and Ernie Schenck Calls This Advertising? and Adverblog etc. etc. All the major blogs share some readership (our blog not being counted as a major). Clearly, we don't have an ounce of the readership that say, an Adrants does. But I know some people that regularly visit here don't really go to other ad blogs. So, can the combination of reviews really move some sales? Mr. Jaffe is going to help us all find out. And it's a new marketing tactic we can all think about duplicating for our clients if successful.

So, we're down, Joe. On one condition:

You do a guest shot on American Copywriter.


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