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November 24, 2005

Re-posted: November 22nd, 2005

Due to technical difficulties: Here is a repost of J. Chambers ode to a goodbye party we had the other night for friends who are departing SHS for some new jobs:

"Spinning in a circle neatly. What comes goes around completely."
                                                                              - The Parade

What's up?
Just headed out.
You going to the party?
Yeah, you?
Wouldn't miss it.
Cool. I'll see you there.
Hey, you doing okay?
I guess. Just kind of one of those days.
Yeah, me too.
It's tough saying goodbye.
One of the worst parts of this business.
Yeah, it is.
So, people are seeming a little down.
Everybody's just kinda bummed.
I read somewhere these things go up and down over time. I guess it's fairly common.
Kind of cyclical, I guess.
Yeah, you know. Peaks. Valleys. It's pretty standard stuff.
Well, what can we do to make people feel better?
Dunno. I was hoping you had some ideas.
Not this second, no.
Yeah, it's a tough one.
Well, here's one thought.
Why don't we just kind of celebrate them? You know, honor them?
I think we are. I think that's probably why people are bummed.
Yeah, I get that. Hey, wouldn't it be weird if this is all just part of some grand plan?
Wow. That's deep.
I'm just sayin', you know.
Yeah, I know.
It's possible.
Anything is possible.
This stuff just happens.
It's one of those parts of the biz that just sucks.
It's not so hard to say goodbye to a desk or building. It's tough to say goodbye to a friend.
Well, said.
Actually, it was kind of a strange way of putting that?
I thought it was kind of poignant.
No, that's not poignant. You're thinking of something else.
I guess it's subjective.
I think it's more that people are just bummed.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
I did?
I'm sorry. Sometimes I repeat myself.
I know. It's no big deal.
Is that one of the things that makes me kind of endearing?
Not especially, no. But it does make meetings longer.
Yeah, sorry.
Actually, bummed is probably like right word. I mean there's no more...?
And this is probabably one of the last ...?
Then, we probably won't be ...?
I wouldn't think so, no.
So what, then?
Something new, I guess.
Yeah, something new. Different, but new.
Yeah, very diffirent.
But good. Different, but good. Even great.
Sure. That sounds nice.
What? You don't believe that?
I didn't say that.
What about all that "glass half full" and "when a door closes, another one opens" type stuff?
I try not to use cliches
Not you. I'm saying it.
Oh, so you're talking about a real "Change is good. Embrace the now." kind of mentality?
Right. Change is good thing.
I guess.
What's with you? You're really being negative. Why can't you just get behind me on this?
The concept.
What concept.
That change is good.
Right, change is good.
You know, mixing it up.
A new beginning.
Right. All that kind of stuff.
But you don't sound too convinced.
Oh, I'm convinced. I'm just bummed.
Yeah, you mentioned that.
Let's just laugh and cry tonight with our friends.
Okay. Sounds good.
Don't worry. I can sound much more convinced by tomorrow. I was in a play once in high school.
Seriously? Me too.
Yeah, and I think I was pretty good.
Hey, remember that one Seinfeld when...?

To good friends, great memories and a grand falloon.


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