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November 14, 2005

The rest of the long story.


By now, you've probably heard about the long copy billboards Wong Doody did in Los Angeles. We talked to our friend Connie Sung at Wong Doody and asked if there were any more details. She hooked us up with some quotes from Tom Hamling, Wong Doody
senior copywriter:

"(Associate creative director) Michael Boychuk and I are both big radio
fans. Talk radio, sports radio, Baptist sermon radio, whatever. We listen in
our cars. And our cars are usually in traffic. One day, we were stuck in
traffic and looked up and saw about 15 heinous billboards showcasing various
DJs from local radio stations. Why they all do that is a big mystery.
Inspired by our traffic epiphany, we set out to create a memorable radio
station billboard. We presented it to the good folks at KNX...They loved every board we put in front of
them. We presented 5 board concepts but ultimately only had media for 3."

We wanted to know how they got away with making the logo so small and Tom said:

"They believed us when we told them that their call letters would be more
memorable if we buried them in the copy. Thankfully, it has been very
effective for them."

Chalk one up to creative instinct, Tommy. We're thankful it worked, too. Oh and about that radio thing...can we interest you in a podcast?


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Hey Guys!
Love your podcasts and the blog site! I would like to echo some earlier sentiments about making this gig pay for itself - I think selling t-shirts and sweatshirts is the way to go. Personally, I'm a sweatshirt whore and I'd buy one from American Copywriter.
Just my two cents. Keep up the fantastic work. Take it from a writer who is trying to crack into the Agency world, your information is much appreciated.

Mark Waldron

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