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February 06, 2006

AC #32 Now Available

The anniversary of our first show and our now yearly Super Bowl wrap-up. We touch on, at least for us, what were the highlights and the lowlights of this year's crop of spots. You'll disagree with some of what we say. All hail the subjective nature of advertising. Plus, remember, Tug and I are saps.

Unfortunately, a tasty part of the show was lost. We've spent sometime trying to recover it, however, once that failed, we just made do. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it anyway.

Take a listen!


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Congrats on your one year!

Is there a site where I can download and view commercials that aired on the Super Bowl?

Hey fellas, congrats on a year! As much as I hate to complain about ads (its so easy to criticise, so hard to create), I have one particular axe to grind:

The degree commercial featuring "3X protection" for men is a COMPLETE rippoff (ie a dub) of a 6-month-old UK ad in which the deodorant being advertised offers "over the top protection". Unfortunately, I haven't looked up who exactly is responsble for it, but I have to say "shame on you" for actually making the ad worse by slicing it down, removing subtlties such as the "no helmets" sign at the front desk of the office building, and cutting dialogue between the men (in order to disguise it as a British ad). Over the top is a much better way to describe the whole sequence, and I think the American version seems a bit out of place.

Another blatant rippoff of a UK as is the "impatience is a virtue" ad which features a girl wearing a complete outfit she intends to purchase from a clothing store. However in this case, the commercial is re-shot making it, in my opinion, less effective. The original, an ad for Grazia magazine, was a very original concept, so its no wonder the yanks bit off it.

Sorry for the rant, keep up the good work.

SPF: If you find a link to that spot, we'd love to see it.

ESPN Page 2's Patrick Hruby has the best line about the Gillette spot - "I'm not sure what sort of new product Gillette rolled out, but I think we may need to bomb somebody before Iran gets its hands on it."

Where's that damn hot girl photo you promised?

I mean... it would be nice if we could see the nice looking woman you referred to in your friend's recent commercial - for reference.

Yes, I came for the girl pic as well. I was thinking, what a great way to drive traffic to the site. Where is the pic, guys?

Hey...Tug made the promise...

I wish the brontosaurus from the FedEx spot would’ve stepped on the PS cleaning products and those guys in the protective suits.

But that's just me. ;-p

The New Scientist just published an article—"Brain Scans Reveal the Power of Super Bowl Ads".

Of particular note:

One ad that succeeded in striking an emotional note, according to the study, was the commercial for a Michelob beer, which featured a woman playing American football with her friends. In an initial analysis of two of the five volunteers, the researchers found that this sketch caused mirror neurons in the female brain to fire, indicating empathy. But in the male subject the commercial produced activity in reward-centres of the brain.

(found via The Consumerist)

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