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February 06, 2006

Barbara Lippert's Super Bowl Critique

All in all, it would seem we're pretty much on the same page with the mercurial Ms. Lippert:

Barbara Lippert's Super Bowl Critique.

Thanks to Adfreak for giving all of us free access to her review.


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Yes, I thought Barbara's critique was far better to Bob Garfield's in AdAge. http://www.adage.com/news.cms?newsId=47764

I thought her overall assessment of the weak payoffs is true. It's indicative of the pressure to be wild for the superbowl - but how does it relate to the product? Hmm, doesn't matter, it's funny.

I just read Mr. Garfield's review. Um, I'm confused. He leads with what a discouraging night it was, then proceeds, from what I can discern, to give decent reviews to more than half the spots. He disses GoDaddy but then gives it 3 out of 4 stars. Maybe I'm not reading it right? Or missing something? Entirely possible. In any case, I kind of wish the man would occasionally smile in one of his publicity photos. He loves to bash "the ones who wear black" for our pouty pretentions and our all too serious seriousness. And, if you've listened to AC, you'd know that we tend to agree. Still, his style (photographic, written and spoken) does exhibit some of the same tendencies he rails against. If I read his review right, however, I don't disagree much with what he has to say. Whopperettes withstanding, of course. Thanks for the pointer!

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