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February 09, 2006

But according to ad people, the spots sucked.

You've heard us rail about the ivory tower ad people live in. And, if you looked around the blogosphere after the Super Bowl, you'd see any number of creative-driven blogs saying every single one of the spots sucked, or any number of strategy-driven blogs complaining how none of the ads sold product.

Yeah, well, maybe all the blabbermouths should go ahead and check with the consumer. You know, the people with the only opinion that matter?

Link: Budweiser.com Traffic Surged 594% On Strength Of Super Bowl Media Buy - AdPulp. Thanks to our friends at the refreshing Adpulp (and yeah, I know, Web traffic doesn't equate to sales, but if an ad incited action, it incited action).

The Super Bowl is a huge stage, and if you're gonna play in that kitchen you gotta be ready for the heat. Certainly I didn't like every spot. But, on the podcast, we at least attempted to say what it was about a given spot that fell short for us personally. Most of the people bringing the heat, however, just say it sucked with no explanation or suggestion for what might have made it better. That's weak. And it's not legitimate criticism.

I'd venture a guess that those people came into the situation expecting to hate the spots.  Hence, our point that Super Bowl ads have jumped the shark.

Now, some people have the reels to back up blanket statements. If you've really earned that right by virtue of the creative work you've helped bring to life, then, by all means, have at it. Otherwise, you need to back your opinion up. So, to the vast majority of ad haters out there, I offer this challenge: Bring some actual thought to the conversation or shut up.


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I don't know John. I think a lot of people who have the reels go through stages where everything they see sucks. And maybe that's one of the necessary ingredients to creating fresh work. Who knows?

Personally, I think there were a few gems. But the consumer doesn't necessarily know that some things aren't fresh (and hence, not creative.) The whole caveman thing has been done to death. But people still love that Fed Ex spot. That's cool. But it ain't creative. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned, it's not worth admiiring.

But a lot of consumer do so love the cheap tricks.

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