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February 02, 2006

Tastes great. More Billings.

Adweek sez that it's Miller Time in Miami: Miller Lite Consolidates at CP B. One of the agencies aced out of the Miller Lite biz was WK. Hmmm. Is "The Girl In The Moon" safe do you think?

Note: Edited for accuracy.


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not sure if you all saw this yet. pretty sure its a build-up viral piece for the super bowl.

pretty funny. and really well done CG.

miller auditions

Saw a piece on those Miller Auditions in "Creativity" back in June, and never heard about them again until now. Thought they got killed or something... Spike Jonze directed 'em, if anyone's interested.

W+K is still on the Miller High Life business, as far as I know. Anyway, Lite beer is for wusses.

David, I agree on the light beer! Of course, that's because I AM a wussy.

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