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March 27, 2006


Who knew having the skills of a porn actor could come in so darn handy? You've likely seen this by now, but if not, it's worth your time to link on over: CLEANINGHUNK.COM. This is a general market campaign for the U.S. However, the marketer is actually the P&G of Mexico.


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I am appalled at the blatant exploitation of men in this advertising. "That" was definitely not real. Maybe we can get a campaign for real masculinity started? Perhaps a beer company could be the client.

Dannon already introduced Activia in the UK several months ago. Except over there the active ingredient is called "Bifidus Digestivum" (as opposed to Regularus here in the States). And the advert features a mother and daughter as opposed to two roommates. And in the UK, Dannon is spelled Danone and pronounced as such. And with a proper English accent, Activia becomes Activiar, because of the R thing.

I love the UK, can't wait to go back.

Well, I tried to enter to win a year's vacation from cleaning, and you had to be a resident of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut. Darn it.

What's interesting is that I just read a book called "VoiceMale, What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework, and Commitment," and the author's survey found a positive correlation between the amount of housework a man does and the level of satisfaction with his sex life. So while this ad certainly is blatant exploitation, there is some amount of truth to it. Guys, see what happens if you play the role of "cleaninghunk" at home.

Ben, I think men have to wait awhile before they'll be able to moan about exploitation.

No offense Todd, but perhaps you should check your sarcasm detector. The batteries may be running low.

Anyone see innocent escapes (brawny)? This reminds me of that without, you know, the humor.

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