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March 06, 2006

DVRing the Oscars

Images_1 All we hear about is how the DVR is killing the :30 spot. The post below reflects the truth of the statement. However, no one is really talking about how DVRs are allowing viewers to roughly edit content, too. Last night, we delayed watching the Oscars by 45 minutes. We finished up our Sunday evening chores, poured a couple glasses of vino and sat down with the remote handy.

Yes, we skipped most of the commercial breaks, although we checked out a few spots when they caught our eye. However, we also jumped past the "boring awards." Oh, that's right. We chose to be shallow and not care about every Oscar equally. I was more than willing to skip through the big moment for several poor saps. I felt empowered.

My wife giggled and said, "This is a great way to watch the Oscars." And it was. Of course, we stopped for every John Stewart moment. He is DR-proof. On that note, I was thrilled with all the gags in the show last night from The Comedy Mafia. Stiller, Ferrel, Carell. Mostly, the show seemed to be taking itself less seriously. That's a good thing.

In the end, we caught up to the live show about the time the run of major awards began. Perfect.


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