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March 22, 2006

Papa Bert's World Famous Stadium Sippin' Seat Cushion

Um, so, I really can't imagine a use for this product.


I would never try to sneak alcohol into a sporting venue. I mean, please. That would take money out of the pocket of the stadium owners. P.S. Wouldn't you love to see what the Apprentice candidates would come up with to market this? Just imagine that for a minute. Too bad Papa Bert doesn't have that kind of Jack.

Papa Bert's World Famous Stadium Sippin' Seat Cushion.


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World famous? So we're not the only country to give the stadium vendors a monopoly on booze?

So I had to check out the site. Tell me this doesn't reel in sales:
"The strong flexible bladder can hold over 3 cups of your favorite warm or cold beverage and can withstand the weight of an adult sitting on it."

I dunno about you guys, but I'd love to drink warm liquid out of a weighty adult's bladder. Put me down for 2.

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