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March 01, 2006

The Fenske Strikes Back!

At the beginning of each week I go and see what Mark Fenske (hereafter referred to as "The Doctor") has to say about advertising and life. He never disappoints. Enjoy this blurb, then go to his blog - markfenske.com - and read the rest. Then bookmark it and go back often.

Courtesy of Mark Fenske.com -
Answering the client's problem is only part of the job a good ad does, and not at all the most important part.

Good advertising forms a connection between speaker and audience, between advertiser and people, that human beings enter into willingly, even hopefully at times.
Merely broadcasting the aim of your client into the eardrums and eye sockets of your brothers and sisters is neither the aim of good advertising nor an effective way to positively influence sales of the client's product. Half a connection isn't a connection.

Here's where you need to summon Mister Wacko.

What catches your eye when you walk around?
To what are you drawn on television/in grocery stores/art galleries/music?
Me, I want something I don't already know.
My eyes want to feast on a sight they've never seen before.
Ears too. And smell and touch and taste.
They all want in on the new.
You're the same, and so are all the people on earth.


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