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April 05, 2006

Junior wordsmiths, say hello.

All right gang, Sullivan Higdon & Sink is looking for one, maybe even two writers with 0 to 5 years of experience to take on loads and loads of work in our Wichita office. You'll work with creative directors who regularly place work in Archive and won the first-ever Adweek Creative shoot-out. You'll work with clients that sell airplanes, steaks and healthy lifestyles. And, of course, you just might get a chance to be a guest host on a certain podcast. Interested? Send your books, your Web site urls or your DVDs to the one, the only Donna Montgomery at Sullivan Higdon & Sink, 255 N. Mead, Wichita, Kansas 67202. Please note that you're sending you're stuff 'cause you love AC.


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Man, exactly the type of opportunity I'd be looking for, just in the wrong part of the country. For all other non-advertising creative thinkers with no "agency experience" wanting to get a foot in the door, I salute you.

Could you tell us a little bit about living in Witchita?

I'd apply in a second if you replaced the word "writers" with "designers" and the word "Witchita" with "New York". Until then, I'm afraid we are not slated to be shipmates.

The only part I paid attention to was "clients that sell steak." :)

I imagine the products from all those clients would be passed down to the creative team to conduct research right?

Wichita is fabulous. After growing up in Baltimore, spending many years in the NJ/Philly area and three years in Tokyo, I can tell you that the Midwest is a nice change of pace. There's plenty to do, no traffic, low cost of living, nice houses for about a third of what you would pay on the coasts.

When I found out I was moving here, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming. But now that I'm here, I love it.

I wonder how a Brazilian copywriter would be accepted in Wichita... or anywhere else in the US.

Maybe it's worth the try, uh?

is there free steak if you get hired to work on a steak client?

Totally Jeff! We have a Brazilian Art Director in KC, and he's just "alright." ;)

David: Two weeks ago I got two pounds of tasty, tasty, skirt steak that came back from a food shoot here in KC. One of the best perks I ever got from working here.

Jeff: Yep, I'm Brazilian and I'm here. They make fun of my English but then again I'm not paid to write (plus I get to curse them in Portuguese and they're none the wiser).

Seth: Eat it.

being an undergrad at a school that does not seem to work on portfolios, this:
is really my most extensive display of writing. but, i also can't really make it out to Kansas any time soon, not that you would want me too, so that blog is only if you are REALLY bored and want to read about nothing. if so, go right ahead!...if not, i understand. good day y'all!

I did not know Archive featured ads with copy.
Or that getting ads in Archive was worth bragging about.

Just wondering if you guys are still doing podcast : (

Its times like this that a tunnel between the US and UK would seem like a great idea..!

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