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September 19, 2006

Copywriters Needed at Adobe

A few days ago, when installing Adobe CS2 on my laptop, I get this alert:


So let me get this straight... if the Adobe Updater fails to update itself before checking for updates, will the partially downloaded updates update themselves when the Updater's updating resumes? I'm so confused.


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I'm reminded of this...


I tried deperately to make sense of that entry, and I gave up. Sheesh.

I opened up your site from my bookmarks and literally clicked that damn quit button like a hundred times. I was like WTF? So I started clicking the OK button a hundred times. I'm officially a wanker.

An easy winner for This is Broken.

I knew this would happen once they let Intel inside a Mac. It’s the beginning of the end.

Now that is fuhhnnny...

Truly, truly funny. But then again some of the biggest companies have similar mistakes in their programs.

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