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September 15, 2006

Life After Advertising

Since I certainly cannot keep doing this for the next 29 years, I'm glad I found a site that tells me what I should be doing instead.


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Is it just me or has Wunderman neglected to make the text of their company's name an active link to their web site? Isn't this AC rule #1 for viral content... it has to get me back to the advertiser.

The arrow of the Wunderman logo even suggests it should be a link.

I only went through it once. Was lobbyist in there? Pimp? Porta-potty servicer? Evangelist?

Wait a minute...can I teach tap dancing if I don't know how to tap dance? Oh, what the hell am I thinking? I (apparently) just retired from advertising...I CAN DO ANYTHING!

...the ability to do anything is only possibly if a committee says so, the project can function with a laughably budget, is able to provide foundational statistical data that assures our success, and the owner's son loves the idea. After which, "WE CAN DO ANYTHING" becomes "It's feasible that, as an organization, we may be able to develop a similar, or spin-off, concept that could possibly provide this operational entity with the tactical ability to perform some similar act, but to a lesser degree, that will, nonetheless, allow us to strategically advance our corporate position!

Haha. Can't believe how much work goes intro creating these kind of things.

I can't get that damn tap dancer out of my head. I am forever tainted...

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