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October 06, 2006

Fake ad conversations you just know are real #1.

05pedigree_pedig57587a2545 TBWA: "So...there you go. We think 'Dogs Rule' will really resonate with dog lovers."

PEDIGREE SENIOR: "Yes, it's great."

PEDIGREE JUNIOR: "But won't it alienate cat owners?"

TBWA: "Maybe. But this is dog food."

PEDIGREE JUNIOR: "Yes, but what about multi-pet families? I mean, those people aren't just for dogs. They are also for cats....maybe this should be, 'Pets rule!' I don't think that kills it."

PEDIGREE SENIOR: "No, it doesn't kill it."

TBWA: "Actually, it does kill it. This is aimed at dog people. 'Pets Rule' isn't the same at all. Dog people, even if they have cats, are going to respond to this."

PEDIGREE JUNIOR: "You creatives are so sensitive about your work. I'm just worried about the cat lobby."

TBWA: "There's a cat lobby?"

PEDIGREE SENIOR: "Yes. And they're....reactive."

PEDIGREE JUNIOR: "Look, our holding company also makes Whiskas. If people put two and two together we're really  in the kitty litter. So to speak."

TBWA: "Sigh."

We tease because we love. Great advertising is hard work. Here's to TBWA and their clients for talking it through and going with a great idea. Dogs rule. So, does the campaign.


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We've all been there haven't we. Why is advertising full of people with the power to say no? I've posted this on my blog too. Stan x

Ex-copywriter, now multimillion seller novelist, Bryce Courtney often tells a story to Aussie copywriters that all his books sell roughly the same each time.

Except for the book with a cat on its cover.

His publisher reckons it's because he alienated dog owners.

I think he may have agreed.

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