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October 27, 2006

Flash us.

Flash We’ve got a flash itch that needs to be scratched in the worst way. Think you can help? Then, here’s the thing – we’re looking to add some more brainpower to our interactive department. If you know anything about SHS, you know we hate sheep. That means we always try to stray as far away from the flock as possible, and we encourage our clients to do the same. So, if you hate sheep as much as we do, and have some mad skills with Flash, ActionScript and Shape Tweens (sorry, we had to stop and laugh at that last one for a minute), we might be interested. Just send us a link to your one-minute or less explanation as to why you hate sheep as much as we do. If we dig your work, we might want to meet with you in a flash. OK, that was bad, and we apologize.


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sheep don't dance

thus dancing is slaying sheep

I dance

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