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October 13, 2006

How and why the world can beat creativity out of you.

Saw this on the excellent Beyond Madison Avenue and just flat out ripped it off. I've decided getting invited to TED is a life goal (it really must be the pre-release to heaven). This video is about 20 minutes long. However, if you spend your life as a creative, and/or if you want to raise creative children, this is well worth your time. You yourself may well identify with the story about the  choreographer (if you wish, I'd love to hear about the moment you found the place you belong). And, of course, Sir Ken proves once again that an English accent makes you at least 30% smarter than anyone else in the room. Enjoy the video. Over the weekend, take stock in the talent you have. You probably take it for granted far too often.


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I am so glad you found and mentioned TED. I too have decided that it is a life goal. I don't remember how I discovered it, I'm just glad I did. iTunes has a videocast of many speeches and many more are to come. They are all 20 minutes long but somehow fly by and open a world of posibilities. It really does shift your perspective.

33 talks can be found here:

As for finding the place I belong, so far I keep finding the places were I obviously don't, which is as helpful and often harder to identify.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this.

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