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October 13, 2006

Knowledge gap?


I think the cause marketing behind GAP RED is just great. And I happen to look good in red (I'm a winter) so I'll probably support this cause, too. But, come on, do we really need the big arrow with the words "Roll Over" on the banner ad? Man, my ribs are sore from that elbow.


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Agree. Blogged on the wide-reaching RED campaign yesterday re: its relation to the Cafe Hotel Tour.

Might be a case of recent-car-buyer eyes, but I'm seeing RED everywhere lately.

I agree John, the cause marketing for the "Product Red" campaign is great.

But why haven't Coke and Target stepped up to be a part of it? They both spend millions to own the color red and have a ton of brand equity in the color. It just seems like a natural fit and a missed opportunity for both of them.

Besides, they could have got some love from Oprah and Bono.

quite similar to the Killian's boards that have been in our market for a while.

Not only is Gap's effort commendable, but check out Apple's involvement. Judged on branding alone, the entire Red campaign and its affiliates has created a very effective identity that combines creative design with social responsiblility.

The One campaign is also a great reference for this sort of social awareness marketing.

One issue I have a hard time getting past with Red is the pricing. Has anyone noticed Gap's prices for its Red products? They seem to far outweigh their comparable articles of clothing. Gap is known to be the bridge between their Banana Republic and Old Navy brands. Will this campaign damage the brand perception or will it prove that consumers care more about the cause and not about the price?

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