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November 28, 2006

AC Pulse Check #2


'Tis the season for advertisers (and agencies) of all sizes to take familiar songs of the season and rewrite their lyrics for commerical purposes. Tell us, dear community, is this an effective and useful practice or is this an idea that is not just checked out, it's worn out?

Rewriting holiday songs in a comedic manner for a spot is...
hacky, hacker, Mchackersonish.
something that I know is wrong but I still like it.
not the greatest of sins, come on!
okay as long as you're Fallon.
brilliiant nearly every time.
something I may have to do some day so I plead the fifth.
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I am struggling to come up with a good excuse to use re-mixed Christmas Carols and I am comming up with nothing.

Oh wait! A Lunesta version of Silent Night!

Boy, that's a terrible idea.

Okay, I stand corrected.

I just heard a radio spot for a Garmin navigation system that intercut "Dashing Through the Snow" with direction signals from a car GPS system.

Kind of clever.

I think it still works as long as it's done in a new or fresh way or with a creative twist. I hate the Garmin version of the "Carol of The Bells" because it's just dumb rewording! (and yeah... it's annoying!)

Another thing: I really have the feeling that we need to retire the "Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairy" from TV ads!

You know, Fallon is responsible for the Garmin spots, so do they get a pass?

Kyle...hence the question in the poll, pal...

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