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December 21, 2006

A peaceful way to ease into your holiday


Put on the headphones and enjoy some Winterbells. Share your high scores here.


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haha i got 3430! the rabbit has good spring! happy game :):):)

16430 Boo yah

Refreshingly cute.


That was a long fall! Thanks for the new addiction guys.

Jesus, Ben. Nice hopping.

i am the first one on these comments who said "haha i got 3430" ! then i found i was so stupid to put that score here. as i felt awful, my friend said he would wash shame for me. and he got 171,397,700!!! that was a pretty long long long time fall. hahaha, now i can laugh louder :)

Am I the only person having trouble suspending my disbelief here. I say if you get to the point where your bunny is bouncing off of feathered critters mid flight, there should be some sort of holiday gore.

It is simply irresponsible to allow young rodents to believe they can hurtle themselves to reckless heights without a fundamental explanation of physics.

There are consequences to flying so high. Ask Icarus, he knows. Play it safe my friends, play it safe.

(a responsible yet seemingly lethal 550pts.)

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