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January 17, 2007

FAQs About Our Coffee Mornings

Sleepy Do you really meet up at 7:30?
Yes, yes we do. Well, some of us are there at 7:30... don't feel like you HAVE to be there on time -- but know that you'll miss out on some good stuff if you aren't.

What do you talk about?

Anything and everything. It's not an Ad-Industry-only kind of thing. Have good stew the night before? Wish you could compete for World's Strongest Man? Really dislike the new Subway ads? It's all game here.

Is drinking coffee required?
No. But it should be mentioned that coffee is a wonderful antioxident and it enhances short-term memory.

Is talking required?
No. Morning grumps are welcome. But we may point and laugh at you. We'll also take a photo of you, too.

Where is it at this week?
This Friday we'll be at JP Wine Bar at 16th and Walnut in the Crossroads District. C'mon down, we'll have a jolly time.


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You SOBs always make me wish I lived in KC with your Coffee Talk talk!

Coffee Mornings are at 7:30? Don't you guys work? Or is the start time flexible in your little Big City Ad World?

You make me sick.

Are you hiring?

I the spirit of perhaps growing our little group, I have taken to posting the location on my blog each week once I know where it will be.

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