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January 10, 2007

Hey Steve Jobs, your iPhone is ringing, it's the CES. Ooops, they just hung up.

Picture_1_1The question is, how many of you are going to hang up on Sprint and Verizon to move over to Cingular to get your greedy little hands on what may go down as Apple's biggest, most insanely great product ever?

That's right. As amazing as it sounds, Steve Jobs and the Apple folks have changed the game again. First the iMac. Then the iPod. And now this. Seriously, in the words of SHS, they are the most unsheeplike company in the world. And in the words of Callahan Creek, everything they do makes a wave.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this annoncement is that they also changed the name of their company from Apple Computer to Apple, Inc. That's right, while they continue to make computers and operatinig systems, what they're really about is creating kick ass electronic prodcts so consumers can enjoy their computerrs, the world wide web and their digital lives more.

I tell you, Apple may be the coolest company in the world. (They might also be the smartest, too.)

After all, I have no earthly idea how you hijack the news coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show. I just know that they did.


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Hey! Do any of you guys have a Zune? I want to share music without wires. Hello? Anyone? ... Bill?

I will wait until the phone becomes carrier agnostic. Cingular touched me in a bad way long ago and I've never been the same since.

I expect more carriers just in time for Christmas, if not sooner.

My big question is the screen. If it's as fragile as the iPods you're going to see lots of unhappy people.

I'm grumpy today, so I want to say that Safari sucks.

Guerrilla, Viral, Apple? :)


It is going to be pain-friggin'-ful waiting for more info on when it'll be available here in Canada.

No doubt, the iphone will rock my mobile world.

But I think it might prove to be a sideshow compared to the apple tv, which isn't getting nearly as much press. Sure, there are shortcomings they'll need to fix in future versions. But it looks like apple eventually wants to give me all the HD content I want... sold completely ala carte! Once they figure out how to give me live sporting events in HD, they'll have eliminated my need for cable.

You go, Steve Jobs. If you can get Cox out of my life, you can steal all the stock options you want.

I will switch to Cingular for this phone. It's exactly what I have been wanting and will make a great replacement to my 2 year old Treo 650. Part of the deal with Cingular is a MULTI-YEAR exclusive deal, so I wouldn't get your hopes up for other carriers anytime soon.

Wouldn't it be more efficient for Apple to set up a new program where it automatically drafts the money out of your account every time they introduce a new product? It would save us the time of actually having to click "place order."

I figure I'll be able to afford one by the time my T-Mobile contract expires in 20 months, 23 days. And by then it'll have a full terabyte of storage.

Still, I'd rather have a quad-core MBP.

1% marketshare = 10,000,000 phones

10,000,000 x $500 average per unit = INSANE REVENUE. I think they will get to 1% marketshare, don't you?

Excuse me, I need to call my broker.

iGod strikes again.

There definitely is something magic about the Apple brand. They got every piece of media attention related to a product that looks remarkably similar to another already on the market. http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/11/iphone-and-lg-ke850-separated-at-birth/

In case you need out of your contract sooner rather than later, I've read on the blogs about a new service that seems built for the iPhone launch called CellSwapper. It pairs up people to transfer service and thus avoid the stupid "early termination fees." If enough people start using it, how the telecoms react could get interesting.


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