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January 10, 2007

KC Coffee Morning

Coffee2 There was an intersting post by PSFK yesterday about how coffee mornings started as a simple idea  for two individuals to meet and soon turned into something much bigger. In his post Pier Fawkes states:

"...the web has enabled all of us to connect with so many people we couldn't have before we still don't know that many more people face to face. It's the real-world meet up that realizes the whole social networking phenomenon."

If you happened to attend or read comments from last Friday's coffee morning, you know that the first coffee morning of 2007 was one of the best yet. We gathered in a circle near JP's faux fireplace. It was cozy. The  circle consisted of quite a few familiar faces (JJ, Jeremy, Christi, Seth, Bruno, Me) along with two new faces (Andy and Celeste). Great turnout, great converastion and great coffee.

Conversation was robust with holiday happenings, dicsussion of the delighfuly fruity overtones of JP Wine Bar coffee, analysis of Burger King Xbox video games (ala Jeremy) and questions for the knew faces in the Coffee Morning circle.

Once again, sorry I don't have any photos to share. My camera is up and running now so I'll share next week.

This Friday January 12, KC Coffee Morning will be at Scooter's Coffee House downtown from 7:30 AM until we all have to go to work. We can chat about how cool the iPhone is. As always, everyone is welcome.


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I plan to attend and potentially drag in a new recruit for KC Coffee Mornings this Friday! See you soon.

Here's how cool I think those Burger King games are...


So... is it Scooter's location A that we're talking about? There's no google map pin that corresponds to the Crossroads.

Coffee Morning will be at the "location A" Scooter's on the Google Maps list...929 Wlanut. I should have written "downtown" instead of the Crossroads. Sorry for the confusion.

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