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January 17, 2007

Netflix lets you download movies. If you have a shite computer.

Netflix announces that soon all it's subscribers will be able to download movies from their web site. Great. The ungreat part? it won't work on Macs. Dumb.

Seriously guys, get it done.


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They're not the only on-demand game in town that ignores the growing Mac population... although I'd argue that they may now be the biggest.

The [adult swim] network has a VOD section of their site entitled "the fix," where a visitor can view [as] shows that have aired over the past week. This site also does not work on Macs.

Ironically, as illustrated in one of the bumps on the networks, everyone at [adult swim] uses a Mac, so they can't even watch their own content.

Yet another thing I can't do when I'm supposed to be tweaking long copy.

My two options for tv is itunes and the apple tv thing, or the xbox 360 (which is way behind apple in the content game). It is stupid to ignore the mac population especially as there are so many early adopters in that group.... and bloggers :-)

Luckily new Intel Macs have the ability to come with 'shite' pre-installed.

I can't wait for the new PC Mac conjoined twins ad from Chiat.

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