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January 16, 2007

Old Spice embraces manliness.

The planners tell us that the metrosexual is dead (irony lives*). Well, it seems that Old Spice and W+K have a concerted effort underway to put a couple of rusty nails in those stainless steel coffins lined with striped shirts. We just talked about the new Bruce Campbell/Old Spice spot here and on the latest podcast. Now, we see the above companion piece that takes the new campaign across Old Spice line extensions. Cheers to the writer who penned, "They'll buy you something that smells like Wildflowers and shame."  Good stuff.

Manliness is back. This spot demonstrates that Old Spice literally puts hair on your chest. Good strategy and good execution. I may not be ready to buy OS aftershave but I could trade in my half-used stick of Degree for this stuff. You?

*Remember, good-natured ribbing among men is a sign of respect and affection.


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You can almost smell it through the screen. This one's for Em Smith, my copywritin' colleague who recently introduced me to Bruce Campbell (am I the last to discover this guy?). For Old Spice, I smell a comeback. [via American [Read More]


Retrosexuals. Finally coming back out of the closet.

Print ad though feels a little distant from the tongue-in-cheek satire of the rest of the campaign. Looks like Ralph Lauren. Copy is good though, "If your grandfather hadn't worn it, you wouldn't exist." Check it out:


(Bad scan of a huge Rollling Stone spread, sorry.)

Ok now I love my job - because I work on direct reponse tv ads (ie. infomercials - the red headed step child of the advertising industry) and if we had run that demo of the hair growing on the chest, we would have had three pages of mouse print legal to run after it. cheers to the lawyers that have the manliness to let that run sans disclaimers.

disclaimer: the above comment doesn't represent the opinion the comment posters employers and cannot be construed as an endorsement of a disclaimer free lifestyle. Your mileage may vary. For external use only. Results not typical.

These ads make me laugh. And then cry. Because now I write sell sheets. Please, dear lord, someone help me.

Great ad. Had me laughing and also glad that someone can change the status quo when it comes to underarm deodorants.

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